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About FanceeJuice


Awesome E-Juice doesn't require sorcery. Just a goal to be the best in the world at your craft, and a desire to exceed customer expectations. For us, e-juice is more than just a vaping necessity. It's 99% of the equation. You can have the best device in the world, but it's worthless without an equally remarkably juice to fill it up with.


When we built this company, everything we did was centered around making our customer's lives better. Everything from our tough packaging to our glass bottles, fast shipping, clean web design and money saving rewards were conceived to make your vaping experience better.


A great business is judged not on what is there, but what is absent. You won't find a plethora of vaping accessories, PVs, atomizers or any other hardware on our site. Those are distractions. We eat, sleep, breath, and live for making the best e-juice you'll ever vape.


When you order from FanceeJuice, you're getting more than just a means to an end. You're getting an experience that will have you beyond excited before you even vape the first drop. Every juice is hand crafted here in Michigan with USA made ingredients.


That bottle of juice in your pocket says a lot about you. You're in good company here.