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Earn FanceePoint, Get free stuff!


There are TONS of ways to earn points on our website through purchasing, referring friends, and a number of other actions. You'll be able to redeem these Fancee Points for discounts (up to 100% off) on any item(s) in our store, and you'll also have access to exclusive items that can only be purchased with points. For some products, we don't even want your money!  


How do I get these things?!


We're glad you asked! 


You earn 1 Fancee Point for every dollar you spend here on - 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Thats not to say that we won't be having double, triple or even QUADRUPLE point sales. Keep an eye out for those! 

But.... spending money isn't the only path to amassing a steady points bank roll. There are a bunch of other ways to earn points just by doing things you probably already do! 

  • Sign up for our newsletter
  • Review a juice you've purchased
  • Vote on our polls
  • And a couple others that we'll let surprise you! 


But wait, theres more! 


I mentioned referrals earlier... well this is your bread and butter. In our eyes, there's no greater compliment than a referral. You're putting your neck out on the line to encourage a friend or family member to try our product, and that means a lot to us. So.. we seriously hook you up. We even make it extrememly easy to do this. We give you a referral URL, a referral code, a referral email AND the option to send invitations straight from your account page. 


Referral URL: You can send this to anyone, and when they click on it, any purchase made will link to your account


Referral Code: Your friends or family members should enter this at checkout or sign up


Referral Email: Same as the referral code, but more user friendly 


For every person you refer to FanceeJuice that makes a purchase, you'll find a nice 25 point bonus in your account and 10% of any points they earn in the future.



 Now go earn some points!!!