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Most vapers like to ask a lot of questions

We are most definitely guitly of it as well. Here is a list of the most common questions and answers to save both your time, as well as ours! If you don't find the answer to your question here, give us a call, or get in touch through our support channel



What is your address?

31600 W. 13 Mile Rd. Suite 130

Farmington Hills, MI 48334 

(P) 248 987 0656


Do you make any 100% VG Juices? 

Unfortunately, we currently do not. However, we are looking into how we can make this happen. 

What is cloudyness? 

Cloudyness is the manipulation of the ratio between PG and VG in each juice. When you increase the VG in the ratio, you increase the vapor production of that juice, and when you increase the PG in a mix, it produces a harsher throat hit. You can get ANY of our juices with either regular clouds, extra clouds, or super clouds. 


Roughly 4:1 in favor of PG. 

The regular mix is the perfect all around vape "setting". You get plenty of throat hit, but tons of clouds!  


Roughly 1:1 

This is a mellow mix that is easier on your throat, and gives you even MORE VAPOR!


Roughly 1.5:3.5 in favor of VG

This is our lightest throat hitting juice style. However, you get tons and tons of vapor at high voltages. 


Do you use plastic bottles?

Yes and no.. We carry 10ml plastic bottles solely for sending out free samples. We believe glass bottles are the best vessel for our juices! If you'd prefer plastic, just let us know and be aware that regardless of your order size, they will be all 10ml bottles.