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It takes a lot to try a new juice that you haven't heard much about. Here is a collection of reviews by some awesome folks 

Had I been wearing socks at the time, they would have been blown clean off...These guys are dead serious about their work, and to say that the LimeBerry is an impressive juice, would be a vast understatement, it's downright astounding.



Clearly, we were all very impressed by the eLiquids presented by FanceeJuice. My biggest worry when assembling the notes and building a narrative was how was I going to make this sound mature, non-hyperbolic, and perhaps even a little “matter-of-fact”? I just couldn’t do it. Finally I decided the hell with it and I would publish how the team really felt.




This was my first experience with this vendor, and I am very pleased with this purchase! Not only are the juices fantastic and high quality, the amount of care taken in packaging was impressive also. Juices arrived in a small metal tin with a blue wax seal and tied with rafia. The free sample arrived in a cute little silver pouch. Also, along with each flavor I ordered, there was a little card stating the contents, DOB, size, flavor notes, and suggested steep time. Perfect for remembering how you loved your flavor. I think it is inevitable that this vendor will soon be seen as one of the top vendors... Great stuff here!.


               - Robin931 (ECF) 

This is by far the best juice I have ever inhaled. Each of the flavors mix so well together to create such an amazing taste.  I took this to work and ran out the same day because I had to share with my co-workers. I am extremely impressed with this juice

               - C.M. (Pumpkin Spice)


 A perfect combination of hazelnut and chocolate makes MeeseTracks a legendary blend.

               - (Julia)

Somehow FanceeJuice has developed recipes for their eLiquids that eliminate harshness and bitterness from the equation. Each flavor was full, yet smooth, and robust without being rough. Overall, this characteristic is pretty astounding.